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I've decided to narration a Serial from Bionicle, if your a fan you might like it! :D
So I recently saw the trailer of Journey Beyond Sodor and I have to say, I felt really disinterested in it....

Don't get me wrong I think its a solid trailer but everything in it just left me feeling put off from wanting to see it.

I agree with many saying "Oh Thomas engines don't move like Cars, Stale Trucks are Narrow Gauge not Standard Gauges Ye Fucks & The Animation is good but a little off in some places." and I still stand by those statements but as for my own opinion. Its simply off putting to me if you want to watch it when I comes out am not stopping you, just don't ask me if I am going to watch it lol.

So yeah doesn't interest me in the slightest.  
Who here is a fan of Bionicle?

If you are, tell what you remember about the line and what where your favourite charatcers in the story.…

love to hear from you all! :)  
Second story's out lads and lasses, hope you like it! :)…

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments! :D…

After a long time Old terry's out, Not the best story I've written but I dunno that's up to you lot if you think if its a masterpiece lol XD.

Blundering Billy is in production atm and will be out soon.

Anyways hope you like it leave a comment here I'd love to hear on your thoughts on it. :)

So Easter break has started and now it's time for multitasking several projects.
Series wise:
I can say that Season 3 of Sodor's Tales has got only a few stories written but others are yet to be written. I mentioned a few of them in the last journal. :P

But there more here a list of things planned and yet to be made:

Stories & Scrapes.
Right now Old Terry is in production and will be out soon, as for stories Blundering Billy is being written down but the other two stories of the book still needs to be finished.

His Majesty The Traction Engine.     
This book is going to be the third one and is in early stages of development.

John The Green Knight.
Forth book of the series and in development stages.

Bionicle Gen 2 Rewrite.
I had this in my mind for some time and after Lego's discontinuation of Bionicle again due Lego's shite marketing and poorly written characters, I've decided to rewrite this Bionicle series. this is planned but atm nothing is in development.

Am working on a few adaptions of some stories, one is Mind That Bike and that will be out very soon.

So there you have in, hope this gave you some excitement on what's to come.
Keep being awesome guys! :)
Hello everyone! Its been a while hasn't it?

So I bet you have all been wondering about Sodor's Tales? well currently S3 is going writing stages with only a few finished/yet to be finished.

I can revile those mentioned:

Breaking The Glass!

Plot: When the station became busy due to repairs on the glass canopy, James was tasked with the job but he find out that it wasn't as easy as he thought.

Out of your Comfort zone.
Plot: When Scuff was chosen to help out on passengers services he couldn't get used to it and wished he was back at the Sodor Tip Company.
An Elder's Trickery!
When Emily was shunting she was rudely interrupted by an old and grumpy Brakevan, which made Emily cross but she decided to keep her anger to herself when she saw him.

James, Neville & The Coke Trains.
One day when The Fat Controller ordered coke for the factories, James & Neville were tasked with delivering it but when a silly workman opened one of the Coke trucks for a "Coal" bunker. James accidently took on it.

Hector & Bradford.
One day as Hector was resting in the yards he overheard some trucks taking about Bradford, He never seen him before that is until Edward shunted the brakevan next to him and started ordering them about.

Last Wedding Present!
Plot: When Murdoch tells about helping a couple out, Edward begins to remember when he had to help out one of his old friends who was getting married but when a present was left behind it was up to Edward to collect it before the bride arrived at the church.

Some of these are finished and ready to film very soon.

Hope you have a good day

PS: Yes am still working on audiobooks lol.
So Bill Paxton died this year...That's a real shame...

I remember him for his roles as the cowardly Huston in Aliens and Jeff Tracy in that shit Thunderbirds movie.
Am sad to see him go, he's brill actor that will never be forgotten.  

Now he's joined John Hurt in heaven now lets hope its not game over for him up there lol.

Rip Bill Paxton. 
So John Hurt's dead...That was a surprise..

I'll always remember John playing in Alien, The Elephant Man, Harry Potter, Spaceballs, Hellboy & Thumbelina, He's a great actor and will be missed very much.

RIP John Hurt and may Aliens guide ya to your rest, hopefully not bursting from your chest.  :P
Guys do you like Sodor's Tales?

What characters & Episodes do you like and enjoy?

Would you say its a bad series or a good series?
and what would you want to see in the series.

I wanna hear your thoughts. :P

Dan has to be one of my biggest inspirations in this fandom, his work is amazing and his writing is superb.

Christmas on the Slow Trains is one of his superb work.

The story is simple and easy to follow with minor details that don't spoil the plot, Which is better for Thomas in my eyes. The Banter with Gordon and the other characters is funny and adds charm.      

The voices in this are brilliant, all of them put a lot of effort in and make the characters come alive!

The Music is done by Jake and he never sees to amaze me, mixes of Gordon's, Henry's and The Busy Station themes at the beginning really sets the tone on what's going to happen. The Gordon's S5 theme in a S2 Cover is properly one of the best tracks he's done and I highly recommend you listen to his music if you haven't.
Edits and Cinematography:   
The Editing is spot on, big open shots and close up shots feel natural and flows together perfectly, in addition the Crazytalk edits makes the video much nicer too. Wish I could do that lol. XP      

The sets are visually stunning, I got a vibe of RWS and TVS from them, the snow really works too making it feel real. 

Final Thoughts:
Christmas on the Slow Trains is lovely belated Christmas present.
The sets, music, acting and Editing makes it an impressive and fun video to watch.
I love it to bits and am pretty sure everyone else did too. :)


Timothy Saves Christmas Review

By Ben Tattersall 

You know when I think about this particular fandom, I’d like to picture it as track that leads to some y points, on the right is the good stuff filled with creative, funny  and fantastic people who put time and effort into what they do. Weather its models, stories, Audio books ect.

But on the left is filled with users that make generally unfunny crap that makes you wanna mop your face and go “why?” Timothy Saves Christmas goes into that section.

When I was browsing though YouTube I came across my recommendations which had “Timothy Saves Christmas”  and as I remember correctly Timothy is a carbon copy of Thomas with that silly Joke face in a rather “Interesting” Creepypasta, he somehow became popular after that and now people write him down as if he was a real character,  WTF?

The special:

Right of the bat the sound in the special is all over the place ranging from too loud to being too quiet to hear, also The models change so many times that it made me think that whoever did that properly forgot what an SI3D model looks like. Also the lack of a wintery setup in this really puts me and many other users off considerably. 

The “Songs” are just instrumentals of Thomas Songs which have someone making up lyrics as they go along, which makes me want to listen to actual songs that shit.

The acting is piss poor, voices like Gordon and James sound horrendous and generally unsettling.

Gordon sounds like he had a spare moment sex change before this was produced.    

The running time is way too long that I fell asleep like 30 minutes in the video, what a way to keep the watcher interested in it?

And Finally “The Concept” is just terrible; Timothy, Big Boy & Bulstrode had no need to be there. The story could have easily been reworked or rewritten about Stepney helping out on the railway with witty banter included now can make the video a lot interesting  but instead you write about the silly Tomtom ripoff and try to make him a real character who just wants to be “useful”.

This is a bad idea on all accounts that should have been scrapped and replaced with something much better.

Final Verdict:

Timothy Saves Christmas is beyond a good concept or a good video.

The long runtime, unnecessary choice of Characters, Poor voice acting and uninteresting story makes it difficult to watch trough.  

If one of those fans that think Timothy is a fantastic and interesting character you properly need to get your head checked out.

Go watch Tradisrescue, Sodornwrssteam, TheScotsmanReturns, HalfBaked8, EnterprisingEngine93 & Terrer55Stepney for an idea on how to do a good concept/Story.




Happy New Year everybody!
Thank fuck 2016 over with, hope 2017 will be better. lol.

but in all seriousness.
I'd like to thank you for supporting, liking, subscribing &  Watching the stuff I do. They will be plenty of stories to tell and videos to make this year. :P

See ya in the future! :D
So on Christmas Eve we got a trailer for Alien Covenant and from the looks of things it's very promising.

I've always been a big Alien fan since I watched the first film, The characters, story and sets are absolutely brilliant and memorable.

Now as I read Alien Covenant is the sequel to Prometheus which while I liked the first film I found it somewhat confusing and disappointing. Also ending was kinda of..well...Stupid as it added nothing to the plot and was there for fan service. :P 

On to the trailer itself, from the first 28 seconds it looks scary from the ladies screaming to the guy having a Neomorph (New creature btw) busting from his back makes it feel like the Original Alien film.
Then we cut shots of Michael Fassbender as two characters David 8 and his doppelganger Walter looking around which cuts to the Ship landing on a moon properly near to LV-426 or LV-223 (Looking Visually stunning as usual)   

were Spores got into a guy's ear, a facehugger attacks another guy were a montage of people screaming, shooting, running all that good stuff until.
We see a couple having some sexy times that is until a tail appears and the Alien kills the bloke finally leading to the title Alien Covenant.

All in all Alien Covenant's trailer is a scary and usually superb trailer, I hope that the film itself will better than Prometheus and finally explain where the Aliens come from instead of going in a completely different direction. :P 

Link to the trailer:……

This is guy is so retarded...

1: He pesters/demands people to get download links for Trainz content (ERS Characters or Private Models)

2: Makes shitty unfunny videos (which are just him filming on his computer screen.)

3: He doesn't talk or type properly and when anyone tells him this he doesn't listen and continues making unfunny after unfunny videos. 

4: And He stole a few vids that he doesn't take down.

Its Twats like these that make me hate this particular fandom, they don't listen, learn, improve or realize. They just retards that don't know anything at all...

I highly recommend not watching his shit, Block him, flag him or Report him if he starts pestering or demanding private content.
Hi everyone I have a few model projects planned for will appear in the series.

Here's the ones that are completed:

Stafford The Electric Shunter
Ricktey The Ballast Truck
Fred Pelhay
U.L.P Van
Bradford The Brakevam
Ffarquhar Quarry Co Trucks


Old laughing Van/Fish Vans
Scruff The Scruncher
Bennett And Co Private Owner Truck
The Elderly Brakevan
Alice, Mirabel, Isabel and Dulcie
Daisy The Diesel Railcar
Hector The Large Hopper Wagon 

That's really it basally, Can't wait to get these and finish them.


The Final story of The Original NWR Engines will be out by October don't know when though lol,
The script is almost done and I will Editing it very shorty.   

Now the next book will be called Scrapes & Ghosts.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Bday to me! :P
So been a while, I've recently come back from holiday and it seems I've been tagged for a third time. I must be popular lol.

Top 10 TTTE Characters
1. Duke
2. Murdoch
3. Derek
4. Neville
5. Sir Handel
6. Edward
7. Bill & Ben
8. Donald & Douglas
9. Toby

Top 10 Superheroes
1. Future Trunks 
2. Spiderman
3. One Punch Man
4. Gohan
5. Green lantern
6. Luffy
7. Takanuva
8. Wonder Woman
9. The Thing
10. Batman 

Top 10 Movies
1. Alien 
2. Beauty & The Beast
3. Dbz Revival Of F 
4. Hot Fuzz
5. Aliens
6. The Incredibles
7. Aeroplane
8. The Adventure Begins
9. Predator
10. Monty Python & The Holy Grail  

Top 10 Games
1. Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back
2. Rayman 3
3. GTA 5
4. Alien Isolation
5. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
6. DBZ Budokai 3 
7. South Park Stick of Truth
8. Last of Us
9. Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time 
10. Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab 

Top 10 TV Shows
1. Last Of The Summer Wine
2. Mock The Week
3. Mrs Browns Boys
4. Inbetweeners
5. Thunderbirds
6. Bottom
7. The Young Ones
8. Dragonball Z
9. One Piece
10. Thomas and Friends 
Here's some questions for people that want to be tagged.

1: Top 10 Villains
2: If you were a god what would you do and why?
3: If you hurt yourself what would you say?
4: Favourite video games?
5: Favourite Food? 
This morning just fucking tore me apart.....

So lego had decided to discontinue Bionicle for a second time......

For people that don't know:
Bionicle was toyline made by lego and ran for 10 years until returning in 2015.

Why Lego why the fuck do you have to do that? you return this and then end it? You stupid fucking dickheads....If you knew that sales were shit then why fucking bother returning it then eh?

I hope you lose fucking money like last time and go bust because you have to take away lines that meant something to many and replace with absolute shit like Nexo knights, Ninjago & Hero Factory.

Am never buying lego again after this, Fuck you Lego and everything you do....

I won't be talking to anyone for a while I'll still make videos and that but this has effected me so much that am depressed and angry. :(

See you around.